CGPA calculator Anna University

Anna university CGPA calculator for all department. Only online CGPA tool using which lateral entry students can calculate easily. Our tool have In build credit point and subject code which makes engineering student under Anna university to calculate CGPA easily.

Currently our application supports BE ECE, EEE, CSE, IT, Civil, Aeronautical, Automobile, Mechanical, MBA, MCA and E&I electronics & Instrumentation Btech bio technology departments. Grade point for all subject in all semester are available - Anna university B.E and B.Tech.

 Select the department and select semester till which you want to calculate your cgpa.

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Anna University cgpa calculator

Regulation 2008- 2009,2010,2011,2012 and Regulation 2013- 2014,2015 both are supported in this CGPA calculator So, Students using this online calculator will get accurate result.

Lateral entry student of Anna university start to calculate from third semester. Leaving the first two sem empty.

anna univ cgpa for lateral entry students. online cgpa anna university reg 2008 and reg 2013.
Last updated on 24-01-2016

Anna University Credit Point for all Subjects

Anna university credit point for all the subjects in a semester for engineering department - cse, ece, eee,civil, mechanical, IT, Aero, Automobile, E&I. Credit point for all subjects in both regulation 2008 and 2013 are present here.

Usually after result B.E & B.Tech Anna University students will use this application to know the credit points of the subjects in a particular semester.Only by knowing the correct credit point GPA and CGPA can be calculated. Grade points i.e Credit point of subjects are listed along with the subject code.

Get credit point of all the subjects in a Semester :

Credit Points , Gpa & Cgpa calculator, Question bank all in one MOBILE APP Download now.

Our GPA calculator have built-in credit point with subject code, which is updated regularly check it out Gpa calculator Anna university .

Anna University Credit Point for all Subjects

Still confused, Here comes the steps to know the credit point or grade point of the subjects in any semester for the above mentioned departments.

Using our GPA Tool:
   1.  Go to the online Grade Point Average tool
   2.  Choose your Regulation.
   3.  Select Your department and Semester.
   4.  Now list of subjects will be displayed along with the subject code and credit points.

   1. Select the Department and semester.
   2. Now the list of required information will be displayed. 
last updated on: 24-01-2016


Anna University Nov/Dec 2013 results

Anna university results Nov/dec 2013 for chennai & madurai. B.E B.Tech results for all department of 3rd 5th 7th semester. The result of Engineering colleges in Tamil nadu was released on 22/01/2014.
UG/PG results. Anna university results with GPA & CGPA.
                                        Anna University Results Nov/Dec 2013
                                                    Chennai & Madurai 

save your result in our portal, it will be helpful to make a print later.
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Legends Used

Sports Exemption
Shortage of Attendance
Anna university results nov dec apr may


Save your Result

       Sometime we need our semester mark sheet to add in a resume or to provide it in the bank for loan etc.. Till you get a original mcalark sheet net copy have to be provided. so, we provide user to store upto 30 results of different semester, even it can be of their friend's, as a image or html.
        save the result along with GPA in that particular semester.Our GPA calculator helps to do so.soon the official link will be published in our fb page.

Create Dynamic input text fields in html using PHP

      Sometimes we need to create input fields in the form according to the need of users. Let it be dynamic,If you don't know the no.of fields required exactly. In this tutorial we see how to generate a dynamic input field  & how to print those values in a for loop using php.
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Get the Number of text fields to generate & pass it to main.php

   <form action="main.php" method="post">
        No.of Text fields <input type="text" name="nos" />
       <input type="submit" value="Submit" />

  • $nos going to be no.of times the for loop iterate.


Get dynamic variable & print in PHP

In this tutorial we will see how to get N number of dynamic variables and print it using php. Each value is accessed using a for loop.

  •    It is used to check for null values
  •    $nos is no.of text fields generated,so for loop used to get values of generated fields.
  •    'c'.$i  ->  become c1 at 1st iteration and c2,c3,c4 ...and so on.


               $nos = $_POST['nos'];

            for($i=1;$i<= $nos;$i++)
                    $techie = $_POST['c'.$i] ;
                     echo "$techie";



Digital Signal processing anna university QUestion paper

Dsp previous year model question paper -anna university.Digital signal processing important question.common to cse,ece,eee.

16 marks

1.  (i) Discuss the properties of DFT.    (10)
(ii) State and prove the circular convolution property of DFT. (6)
2.  (i) Compute DFT of following sequence    (6)
    (1) x(n) = {1, 0, -1, 0}
    (2) x(n) = {j, 0, j, 1}
    (ii) Using DFT and IDFT method, perform circular convolution of the sequence              x(n) = {1, 2, 2, 1} and h(n) = {1, 2, 3}. (10)

3. Find DFT of the sequence x(n) = { 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 0, 0} using radix -2 DIF – FFT algorithm.    (16)

4. Compute the eight point DFT of the given sequence x(n) = { ½, ½, ½, ½, 0, 0, 0, 0} using radix – 2 DIT - DFT algorithm.     (16)  


1. Write short notes on (a) Image enhancement (b) Speech Processing (c) Musical sound processing and (d) vocoder. (16)
2. What is adaptive filter? With neat block diagram discuss any four applications of adaptive filter. (16)

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anna university dsp ece question paper
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anna university dsp cse question paper

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