Install External Browser Firefox,Chrome in Eclipse

External Browser Installation in  Eclipse IDE. Add Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari as default browser  in Eclipse & Netbeans IDE.Configure external browser in Eclipse.

Download Eclipse, if you dont have one.

To set external browser as default in Eclipes
Steps to do :

     1.  Open Eclipse
                Windows -> Preferences
     2. Select General -> Web Browser  (like showed in the following image)

Install External Browser (Firefox,Chrome) in Eclipse

     3. Select "use external web browser "
     4. Click "New"  button to add external browser of your choice.
                   Name = Firefox / Chrome 
              Location = /Applications/Google Chrome (For Mac)
                                                           (or for Linux)
                Location =  usr/bin/firefox           (for Ubuntu)
               Parameters = "%URL%"

      Now you can run your web project both in internal & external browser.No.of External browser can be added to Eclipse.
      You need a server configured properly to run web projects.

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