Engineering Graphics important Questions Jan 2013

Engineering Graphics  Anna University important Questions for B.E/B.Tech




1. Draw an ellipse when the distance of focus from the directrix is equal to 40mm and eccentricity is 3/5.

2. Draw an ellipse with the major axis length 90mm and minor axis length 50mm by Oblong method and concentric circle method.

3. Draw an ellipse in a parallelogram of sides 90mm and 60mm .The acute angle is70°.

4. Draw a parabola with a parallelogram of sides 120mm and axis 60mm and the acute angle is 70°.

5. Draw a hyperbola when the distance of focus from the directrix is equal to 35mm and eccentricity is 4/3.

6. Draw an ellipse having conjugate axis of 80mm and 40mm, making an angle of 75° with each other. Determine the major and minor axis.

7. A point P is at a distance of 40mm from one asymptote and 30mm from the other. Draw a hyperbola passing through P if the angle between the asymptotes is 75°

8. The vertex and the focus of a hyperbola are at distances of 20 mm and 50mm respectively from a fixed straight line. Draw the tangent and hyperbola and a normal at any point on it.

9. A highway bridge of parabolic shape is to be constructed with a span of 10mm and a rise of 5 mm .Make out a profile of the bridge by offset method.

10.  Draw a four centered approximate ellipse having a major axis 120mm and minor axis 80 mm.

11. A ball thrown up in the air reaches a maximum height of 50m.The horizontal distance traveled by the ball is 80m.Trace the path of the ball and name it. Find the direction of motion of the ball with reference to the horizontal when the ball has reached a height of 40m during the first half of the travel.

12.  Draw a cycloid formed by a rolling circle 50mm in diameter. Use 12 divisions.
Draw a tangent and a normal at a point 30mm above the directing line.

13. A circle of 45mm diameter rolls along the inside of another circle of 180mm. Draw the path described by a point on the circumference of the rolling circle of one complete revolution. Draw a tangent and normal at a point on the curve.

14. Draw a hypocycloid of rolling circle diameter 45mm and Director circle diameter 90mm (The hypocycloid is st.line and is a diameter of the director circle).

15. A circular disc of radius 48mm. rolls inside another circle of radius 96mm for one revolution. Draw the locus of a point, which is at a distance of 36mm from the center of the disc.

16. A circular disc of radius 25mm rolls inside another circle of radius 100mm for one revolution. Draw the locus of a point, which is at a distance of 15mm from the center of the disc.

UNIT 1 - Plane Curves & free Hand Sketching 

      Construction of Eclipse
      Construction of  Parabola
      Construction of Hyperbola
      Construction of Cycloid
     Some Other Geometric Shapes

UNIT 2 - Projection of Points,Lines& Plane Surfaces 

      Projection of points & St.line 

UNIT 3 - Projection Of Solids 

        Projection of Pyramids
        Projection of Cylinder
        Projection of Cone

UNIT - 4 Section Of Solids & Development Of surfaces


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